Talking About School Lunch

I thought it would be fun to review lunch in my school cafeteria. My teacher and my principal thought it was good idea too. I had an open face turkey sandwich and french fries to eat.

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  1. On January 02, 2011 sandy rasnake says:

    You are very nice to give cafe food a high rating. Gravy is the great equalizer. Would like to see a review of your moms packed lunch!!!

  2. On January 03, 2011 Dr. Bongarten says:

    Hi Grace, Great job depicting FPG’s lunches. I love your productions. Your descriptions are very “tasteful” and well articulated. Thank you for representing FPG!

    Dr. B.

  3. On January 04, 2011 Grace says:

    Thank you so much for watching and commenting :D

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