Talking About Hannah Montana Cereal

I talk about what I don’t like about the Hannah Montana cereal. Please answer my poll in the comments below of what I should do with the pink part of the cereal.

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  1. On September 14, 2009 grammie says:

    other…you can always box them up and send them back to the company and tell them how disgusting the pink ones are…

  2. On October 02, 2009 Beef says:

    I’ve never had hannah montana cereal before. How bad can they taste?

  3. On October 31, 2009 BB says:

    3.I would burn them.

  4. On February 06, 2010 Ms. Liz says:

    Grace, my family loves your video blog. Our favorite is the sprinkles- we feel the same way! Ask Mrs. Cardman how to make snow cream for the next snow day (she says I am doing it wrong.)

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